Professional Development Program

Teaching science as inquiry, engineering as design

Through the UC Santa Cruz Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE), the AWI offers the Professional Development Program (PDP), a flexible, multi-year program for scientists and engineers at the early stages of their careers, with a primary focus on graduate students.

The PDP includes workshops and facilitated design time, organized into two 3-day institutes. Participants form teams of 2-4 participants and work together during the institutes to design their own activity. After the institutes, teams continue working together, attend a half-day workshop, teach, and then reflect.

Workshop topics include:

Facilitated design time:

During the institutes (mostly during the "Design Institute") teams work together to design an inquiry activity, and specifically design elements that will create an inclusive learning environment. Teams are facilitated by PDP instructors who guide them through a series of activities that help them think through aspects of their design, such as:

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More information on the AWI PDP can be found at:

2011 PDP Teaching Teams - Hawaii

Team Leader
Other Team Members
Teaching Date
Computer Science Inquiry
Akamai SC
Garrett Elliott

Hamed Dehnavi
Geoff Mathews
Brooks Thomas

mid- June
AO Demonstrator Inquiry
Akamai SC
Ryan Swindle

Richard Ordonez
Reid Yamura

Project Management Inquiry

Akamai Big Island
follow-up workshop

Jerome Shaw

Craig Nance
Isabelle Scholl
Josh Kaakua


Instrumentation Inquiry

(Image Conjugation)

Akamai Alumni workshop
Andy Norton

Austin Barnes
Zachary Lee-Ho

Fall 2011

Electronics Inquiry

(Wheatstone Bridge)

UHMC Intro Electronics


Oscar Azucena

Erin Miller
Kurtis Nishimura

Fall 2011
Color, Light, Spectra UH Astro lab course Mike Nassir

Thomas Dixon
Keita Fukushima
Marco Micheli

Fall 2011

Past PDP Teaching Teams - Hawaii:

2011 Design Teams
2010 Design Teams